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This Year I've Had Enough (Chapter 17)

Tittle: This Year I've Had Enough Author: Summer (msterrys)
Paring: Jalex
Rating: R
Summary: Alex has issues that he's trying to control, and failing
Warnings: Swearing, lots. Possible triggers. Homophobic suchness which i don't like but..........IT MAKES THE STORY INTERESTING OKAY Disclaimer: Tittle is a Moneen song. I don't own anyone all that jazz All Time Low blah blah blah


Alex was currently sound asleep, curled up against Jack. Jack was mindlesly playing with the guaze around the blonde's wrist, careful not to disturb the healing cuts. It was Christmas morning (Jack decided Alex was more important that his family today), aproxametly three weeks after Jack found Alex's almost lifeless body. Jack frequently had spuratic flashbacks, causing a fire of sorrow in his eyes.
Jack was egar to spend the day with his boyfriend, but he looked so peaceful while he slept. His hair wasn't made, his eyes were closed, fluttering every-so-often like baby butterfly wings. He looked so carefree not the schitsophrenic that was hidden under his exterior.
Jack was still stroking Alex's hair, deep in thought, when the blonde started to stir. "Don't think so hard, i think i can hear your brain a-cookin." Alex's groggy voice jeared. Jack just chuckled and pressed a chaste kiss to his boyfriends temple.
"Mornin' to you too, beautiful." Alex blushed at Jack's greeting.
"M'not beautiful." Alex mummbled, Jack giving him a feinghend look of horror.
"Blashpemy!" he exclaimed before rolling on to of Alex.
"Jack get off of me, you fatass!" Alex squelled, pushing on Jack's chest. Jack grabbed Alex's wrists, trying in vain, to keep him from squirming. Alex rolled over pinning Jack on his back on the bed. They rolled around like this, until exhaustion took over, and they ended up both laying on the bed gasping for air. Alex's head was on top of Jack's chest, legs on either sidd of Jack, their fingers interlocked. Jack was rubbing small circles on the blonde's back with his free hand.
"I really love you, Alex." said boy's head shot up, looking up at the younger boy. "I always have."
"I-I love you too, Jack." Alex sat wide eyed for a moment, processing their conversation.
"Don't think so hard i think i hear your brain a-cookin'." Jack chickled, Alex smiling at him. "What are you so deep in thought about?"
"You, as usual." Alex ducked his head down, staring at his knees to hide the ruby red his cheeks were sporting.
Jack leaned up, propping himself up on his right hand, putting his other on Alex's rosey cheek. They sat in silence, staring into eachother's swimming brown eyes. Jack rubbed Alex's cheek with his thumb.
"I brought you something from when i left yesterdat," Jack said, breaking the long silence, " something that i know you've been missing.
Alex cocked his head to the side in confusion. "What is it?" Jack moved Alex off of him and jummped off of the hospital bed, walking ober to his backpack, pulling something out, hidding it behind his back before Alex could see what it was. "Actually it's two things, but one is your christmas present." Jack said as he placed two items on the bed. The first item was unwrapped, a black leather notebook that wasn't unfamiliar to Alex. Alex snatched the book from it's place of the bed, flipping through the pages, watching the words fly by. Jack watched Alex's face light up at the possesion in his hand.
"You brought me my song book?" Alex's eyes were swimming with adoration. Jack just chuckled and sat down on the bed beside the older boy.
Jack leaned against Alex's side, resting his head on the blonde's shoulder. "sing me a song." Jack had long know about the beautiful melodies that graced the pages of Alex's journal. And alex had since wrote many songs, especially the few days before his, "incedent".
"Hmm, what do i get if i do?" Alex said through a dearly missed smirk.
"How about," Jack paused, leaning down to kiss the side of his boyfriends neck, running his hands under said boyfriends shirt, causing Alex's breath to hitch in his throat, "this?"
"O-Okay." Alex said, scrambling to sit up and grab the notebook. Jack just chuckled fondly, liking the affect he had on the older boy.
"Now i know how to get whatever i want from you." Jack chuckled to himeself as he sat cross legged, facing the blonde beauty in front of him. "I already know which one i want you to sing." Jack said as Alex thumbed through the pages. "I kinda peaked when i went to get it last night." a light blush crept onto Jack's cheeks as he looked down at his lap. Alex smirked and handed him the notebook while mummbling 'curiostiy killed the cat, y'know'.
Jack just smiled as he turned to the right page, handing it back to the older boy and stating "You're a great writer you know."
"Shut up." Alex mummbled through a smile as he looked down at the song Jack chose. Jack didn't miss the light blush on his boyfriends face as he did so.

I'm sitting alone in this glass house
Enclosed by my emotions
I'm throwing stones, but nothing can break it down
Even if i fight i'm still alone in this home.

Someone get me the fuck out of here,
I'm dying in this place.
Behind black lace, holes peaking through but not enough to see you.
And they don't care to know my name.
Where i'm from, or why i'm here.
It's you they want my dear.

Forgive me lord for i have sinned,
I don't want to live in the skin i'm "graced" to be in
I feel threatend by their stares,
I don't follow their commands
I don't want to be like the rest...

Alex had finished the song just as a loud noise filled the room. Both boys looked up to see the british red-head clapping from the doorway, beaming at Alex. Said boy just blushed and grinned back.
"You're a really good singer. What song was that?" Alexandria asked as she walked over to Alex's bed.
Jack pipped up before Alex could get out a word. "I know right! I try and tell him that all the time but he never listens to .e! And it's one of his own! He writes songs!" the brunett exlaimed, leaving Alex to stare increduously at him and chuckle.
"Jesus fuck Jack, i asked Alex, not you." Alexandria chuckled as she sat down on the bed, pulling two small boxes out of her robe pocket, handing one to each boy. "Merry Christmas, faggots," Alexandria said with a smirk.
Alex reached behind him aand grabbed the wrapped present Jack had given him, size equal to Alexandria's. Jack scooted closer to Alex on the bed, as to watch Alex open his gifts. He opened Alexandria's first looking up at her and smiling. "If this is another sex toy i'll punch you in your boob." Alexandria just smiled and shook her head fondly.
"It's not, i promise," she raised her pointer finger in the air with a smirk, "scout's honor."
alex just mummbled 'you weren't even in the scouts", before looking down at the unwrapped present. It was a little key with a yarn "chain" around it.
Aleandria sighhed quietly, "I wish i could have gotten you something better but given that it was short notice, and that i'm locked in a freaking hospital ward, this was the best i could get." She just smiled sadly, watching Jack open his gift. Jack just smiled at the girl before pulling out a necklace similar to Alex's, but in plave of the key there was a lock. Both boys attacked the red-head, pulling her into their embrace, making the giirl smil e bigger than f ew had ever seen. Both boys were cooing at her with, 'it's perfect' and 'i love it!'.
After pulling aweay from the ir friend, both aboys slipped their necklaces over their heads. Alex pulled Jack closer to him to try the key on the lock, earning a triumphant 'click' as it opened. Alex just beamed at the twwo people on his bed, wondering how he had gotten so lucky.
Jack shoved his present in Alex's face and giggled, "Now open mine." alex grabbed the present out of the boys hands and sat it on his lap. He tore into the wrapping paper, (Alexandria's remark on his birthday made him feel "unmanly" and he was basically the bitch in the relaitionship, so tearing paper off a box was all he had left okay.) and ripped open the box. On the inside there was an even smaller box, one you'd put a ring in. Alex pulled it out and opended it, greated by a sparkling sliver band. Tears welled up in Alex's eyes as he wrapped his arms around the younger boy. "I love you, i love you, i love you." Alex started kissing the side of Jack's face and neck.
"I'm just gonna leave and let you two suck eachother's faces." Alexandria said as she got up from the bed. Just as she reached thed door andb orderly blocked her way.
"Good news Alex," the orderly smiled down at said boy as he released himself from his boyfriend, "As a Christmas present, you're finally being released."

A/N so i was originally planning on posting this on xmas eve but i just never found the time to finish it and you know many other excuses and it is obviously long after christmas but oh well.
And it's my sixteenth birthday next week so feed me comments as a present :3
(ohand if you don't recognize the song it's because it's one of my own)

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This Year I've Had Enough (Chapter 16)

Tittle: This Year I've Had Enough Author: Summer (msterrys)
Paring: Jalex
Rating: R
Summary: Alex has issues that he's trying to control, and failing
Warnings: Swearing, lots. Possible triggers. Homophobic suchness which i don't like but..........IT MAKES THE STORY INTERESTING OKAY Disclaimer: Tittle is a Moneen song. I don't own anyone all that jazz All Time Low blah blah blah


Alex woke up to Jack nudging the side of his face with his nose, still cuddled up to the younger boys side. The raven haired boy was quietly humming happy birthday to the blonde. Alex cracked his sleepy eyes open, greated by his boyfriends beaming face. "Happy birthday babe." Jack's face was plastered with a wide smile. Alex smiled sleepily back at him, showing off his slighly crooked teeth. "You have a beatiful smile you k-"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTHER ALEX!." Alexandria decided to make her dramtic entrance, ruining Alex and Jack's special moment, throwing a brightly wrapped box at the two boys. "OPEN YOUR GIFT BITCH!"
"Stop fucking yelling bitch i just woke up." Alex mummbled as he burried his face in Jack's shoulder. Alexandria plopped down in the chair next to Alex's bed just staring at the two.
"I'm just going to sit here staring at you two until you open the damn gift." Alexandria said with a smirk.
"Fine you pushy bitch. God." Alex chuckled as he sat up and grabbed the blue package from the foot of the hospital bed. Alex carfully pealed the wrapping paper from the small box in his hand.
"Open in it like a real man, Alex." Alexandria said, throwing a pillow at the boys.
"Alright, alright." Alex mummbled as he tore the paper off the box, looking inside. Alex just stared down at the present in horor. Jack leaned over his boyfriend's shoulder before busting out laughing.
"YOU'RE SO CREEPY ALEX." Alex said as he thew a pillow at her. She was doubled over in sobs of laughter. "A BUTT PLUG? A BUTT PLUG. WE HAVEN'T EVEN DONE ANYTHING LIKE THAT YET YOU PERV!" Jack had fallen back onto the bed, slowing his breathing, but still chuckling. Alexandria was gasping for breath after falling onto the hosptial room floor. Alex just sat cross legged on the hospital bed pouting and sporting a furious shade of red.
Finally the firey red head got up off the floor, still giggling, and headed for the door. She stopped just before leaving and turned to look at the pair, "I'll just leave you two alone now," she said between chuckles, giving Alex a sly wink.
Alex said nothing, still mortified, and pushed the box onto the bed scooting away from it like it's the plauge, hiding behind Jack.
Jack just laughed. "Don't tell me you're afriad of a sex toy, Lex." The blonde just punched his boyfriend in the shoulder and mummbled a 'shut up' leaning into the raven haired boy's side.
Jack just wrapped his arms around Alex's waist before pressing a kiss to the soft spot behind Alex's ear, making said boy groan in responce. "Jack you're such a little tease."
Jack brought his mouth to Alex's ear, letting his breath fan over Alex's neck. Alex whinned in protest, making Jack giggle and whisper in his ear. "I can't wait to use that toy on you."
Alex's eyes widened in shock/horor, pushing his boyfriend off of him. "YOU AND ALEXANDRIA ARE SUCH PERVS!" Alex exclaimed.
"YOU BET YOUR ASS WE ARE GASKANK!" Alexandria yelled from down the hall. Jack just fell off the bed in a fit of giggles.